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Who Is Ertewaz Deep-Well Drill Rigs

As Ertewaz, we manufacture deep-well drill rigs since 1996 and carrying on our service bigger, beter and more enthusiastically in our new location on headquarters in Konya, Turkey.
Our new facility is now 1400 sqm which is 800 sqm indoor and 600 sqm outdoor featuring brand new cranes.
Ertewaz has well trained and experienced staff for making deep-well drill rig machines and added new lines to spare parts and accessories. Ertewaz also improved after sales services by setting up a new maintenance team and 2 more branches which are in Kuwait and Ethiopia.
Our main market is Middle East and African countries. But we also export to all around world.
Our mission is to produce the best drill rigs in Turkey on time, as we promised.

What We Manufacture

Our best seller products are 500 - 1000 - 1500 meter depth drill rigs. Beside, we manufacture from 300 meters up to 2500 meters depth drill rigs on request.
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Ertewaz deep well drill rig

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